• 2016-12-28

2017 KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition Announcement

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2017 KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition Announcement

Highly qualified and passionate applicants will be invited to 2017 KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition

1. Positions Available
    Audition in February / Audition Repertoire Download
    - Viola(1) : Principal
    - Bassoon(Contrabassoon is mandatory, 1) : Tutti
    - Horn(3) : Principal, Associate Principal, Tutti

    Audition in April / Audition Repertoire Download
    - Trombone(2) : Principal, Tutti
    - Tuba(1)
    - Harp(1)

2. Qualification for application:
   - Applicants should meet the standard of the regulation of the KBS Symphony Orchestra.
   - Applicants should be qualified upon broadcasting regulations.
   - Korean male applicants should have completed their military service or public service that corresponds
     to the national obligation.
     ¡Ø Applicants who were exempted from military service can apply. 
     ¡Ø The applicants who are in the military service must be discharged from military service

3. Application Procedure
  (1) Application Submitting Period
        Audition in February : December 13th (Tue) ?? February 10th (Fri) (until 18:00) 
        Audition in April : December 13th (Tue) ?? March 17th (Fri) (until 18:00) 
       ¡Ø  All time criteria is based on KOREAN STANDARD TIME, GMT +9

  (2) To apply (Warning : the following indication is only for foreign applicants)
       ¨? Download the prepared Application Form by clicking the attachment of screen top
       ¨? Fill out the form and submit it by e-mail :
       ¡Ø Additional Papers (within applicants who pass the Live Audition)
         - The certificates which verify their college graduation and the highest level of schooling 
            which they have completed. (the certificates must be authenticated by embassy or notarization)
         - Relevant certificates which verify their career.
         - The certificate of authentication which government publishes for identification.  

4. Audition Schedule (All time criteria is based on KOREAN STANDARD TIME)
   (1) 1st Round | Live Audition 
         - Audition in February : February 25th (Sat) ?? February 26th(Sun), Date will be announced individually
         - Audition in April : April 1st (Sat) ?? April 2nd(Sun), Date will be announced individually
   (2) 2nd Round | Interview: Date will be announced individually after the 1st Round
        ¡Ø The above schedule can be changed with notice.

5. Employment
   - Final successful candidates will work as trainees for 1 year, and there will be a final screening
     at the end of the probationary period.
   - Applicants who pass this screening will be treated upon the regulation of the KBS Symphony Orchestra
      and compensation, services and benefits will be applied to KBS Symphony Orchestra regulation.

6. Other details
   - The Audition Committee of KBS Symphony Orchestra reserves the right to dismiss any candidate
     not meeting the highest stands at this audition.
   - Even for chosen candidates, his/her acceptance will be canceled if he/she fails the physical examination
     for employment or if any ineligibility reason is found.
   - Submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.
   - Audition repertoire list will be posted on the website
   - All notices will be delivered by SMS or E-mail. So applicants must make sure they write their correct
     information in the application.

7. For further inquiries, please contact KBS Symphony Orchestra Office through e-mail at

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