• 2023-01-17

2023 KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition Announcement

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2023 KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition Announcement


This announcement is for foreign candidates  


The KBS Symphony Orchestra announces the following vacancies.


1. Instrument & Position




1st  Violin



2nd  Violin

Assistant Principal


Double Bass









Principal(with Timpani Assistant Principal)





2. Qualification

  1) A bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma for the applying instrument

  2) Should be free from all national or military obligations (supporting documentation necessary).  If currently in military service, must be discharged before joining the orchestra.


3. Application Deadline KOREA Standard Time is applied for Time Criteria

1) Application Deadline: 18:00 March 5(Sun), 2023

  The KBS Symphony Application Form to the email:

  The Application Form to be download on this announcement

 * For the concertmaster position, submitting a video file or YouTube link is part of your application.

2) ONLY the KBS Symphony Orchestra Application Form will be considered as the official application. 

     Except the KBS Symphony Application Form, other CVs or Resumes will NOT be accepted without notice.

3) Application and video arrivals after 18:00  March 5(Sun), 2023 will NOT be accepted without notice.


4. Audition Information

1) Audition Repertoires: to be downloaded from KBS Symphony Website 

2) The music of the orchestral excerpts: will be sent upon request.  Email

3) Live auditions will be held in Seoul, Korea : KBS Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Studio (13, Yeouigongwon-ro,Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)

4) Audition Schedule




[1st Preliminary] Video & Resume Review

- The result of the preliminary audition will be notified by March 10(Fri), 2023 through email.

- Successful preliminary audition candidates will be invited to the live audition


[2nd Round] Live Audition in Seoul, Korea

- The successful live audition candidates will be invited to the 3rd round


[3rd Round] Play with the KBS Symphony Orchestra

- Finalist(s) to play at least one concert under the Music Director with the KBS Symphony

  Orchestra as part of the final audition process.

2nd Violin

Assistant Principal

[1st Round Live Audition] March 13(Mon), 2023 ~ March 14(Tue), 2023

[2nd Round Live Audition] March 25(Sat), 2023 ~ March 28(Tue), 2023

                                                               & April 2(Sun), 2023 ~ April 3(Mon), 2023

Double Bass Tutti

Horn Principal & Tutti

[1st & 2nd Round Live Audition]

March 25(Sat), 2023 ~ March 28(Tue), 2023  &  April 2(Sun), 2023 ~ April 3(Mon), 2023

Percussion Principal

(w/Timpani Assistant Principal)

  ※ The details of 1st round live schedule will be notified after application deadline.

  ※ The audition schedule is subject to change with notice.

  ※ No piano accompanist is necessary and the KBS Symphony Orchestra tunes to 442Hz.


4) Interview: Successful finalists will benotified with the interview.

① The candidates must provide with the educational and career history documents (Including military obligation, if applicable).

② College graduation and the highest level of schooling certificates must be authenticated by the embassy’s notarization.


5) Guideline for Concertmaster applicants

   ① The application must be sent application(KBS Symphony official form attached) WITH either a video file or YouTube link. 

          The application will NOT be considered for preliminary audition, if the application does not arrive with either a video or a video link.

   ② Video Submission Instruction

    - In case uploading your video on YouTube Site, upload as “Unlisted mode”.

    - Video must be recorded within 2 months prior to the submission date.

    - All repertoires must be recorded in listed order on the same day at the same venue.

    - Video must betaken horizontally

    - Video must be taken from the same angle and it has to capture face, body, and fingerings of the applicants’ clearly.

    - All repertoires must be recorded in one track. (No stopping or editing)

    - If the fingering of the video does not match with the audio of the video, the submitted video maybe disqualified for audition.

    - Piano accompanist for concerto is not required.


4. Employment

○ Winning candidates will work as trainees(probation period) for 1 year and at the end of the probationary period, there will be a final screening.

○ The salary, compensation, services andbenefits will be applied to the regulation of the KBS Symphony Orchestra.

○ Pre-employment medical examination visit to the KBS Symphony Orchestra’s designated medical center is mandatory.

○ Offered positions are contingent upon the winning candidates’ ability to obtain proper work authorization making them eligible to work for the KBS Symphony Orchestra.

○ The employment offer will be cancelled if the candidate(s) fail to meet employment physical examination regulation standard and/or any ineligibility issues are found out.


5. Other

○ The Audition Committee and the jury reserves the right, depending on the results of the auditions, to not fill the vacant position(s).

○ Applicants are responsible for all audition-related expenses, including travel, accommodation, and instrument renting/shipping.

○ Upon receipt of an application from an applicant, it is assumed that all the descriptions and precautions in this announcement is understood.


6. Questions or inquiries should be directed to