• 2013-07-01

The KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition Announcement

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The KBS Symphony Orchestra Audition


The KBS Symphony Orchestra is searching for highly skillful and passionate artists to share the goals of organizing the world¡?s best Symphony Orchestra.

Please feel free to apply for the following positions.


1.    Position to select:

-      Principals : Trumpet (1), Trombone (1), Clarinet (1)

-      Member: Trumpet (1)


2.    Qualification for application:

-      Applicants should be in line as according to the regulation of the KBS Symphony Orchestra

-      Applicants should be in line as according to the KBS broadcasting regulations

-      Korean male applicants should have completed their military service or public service that corresponds to the national obligation

-      Applicants should have no disqualification from work in the orchestra and to leave on a trip overseas

-      Foreign applicants should have no disqualification to stay in Korea

   (a work visa is required)


3.    The procedure to submit application and performance video:

(1)  Period : July 1st(Mon) ?? August 30th(Fri) (until 18:00)

(All time criteria is according to KOREAN STANDARD TIME)

(2)  Application (warning : the following indication is only for foreign applicants)

    ¨?download the prepared resume form to click the Resume file of screen top

¨?fill out the form and submit it by e-mail (

(3)  Performance video playing designated music scores:

¨?performance video must be made with CD or DVD

   (more indications related to making CD/DVD are included in the Audition Repertoires file of screen top)

¨?all applicants should send performance video by regular mail

  (Address : 13, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 150-790, Korea)

¨?performance picture video must be taken without any stop or editing

  (otherwise you will be canceled and disqualified)

¨?the designated scores are written in the Audition Repertoires file of screen top

(4)  Important Notice

All applications and performance videos must arrive before the deadline. We will NOT accept anything after the deadline.


   ¡Ø Additional Papers (within applicants who pass screening through performance video)

               - The certificates which verify the completion of their educational course.

                 (the certificates must be authenticated by embassy or notarization)

               - A copy of the applicant¡?s identification.

               - Relevant certificates which verify their career.


4.    Audition Schedule (based on KOREAN STANDARD TIME)

   (1)  1st Round CD / DVD audition

- it will be processed by the judgment of the performance video

- only for Clarinet, a piano accompaniment is permitted.

        (2) Final audition : September 28th(Sat) ?? 30th(Mon)

            - within the applicants who pass the above preliminary audition

- it will be processed without an accompanist

        (3) Interview : October 1st(Tue)

        (4) Result announcement : October 4th(Fri)

            - On the KBS Symphony Orchestra home page(

   ¡Ø the above schedule can be changed. If it is changed, notice will be posted on our home page.


5.    Employment

-      Chosen candidates will work as trainees for 1 year, and there will be a final screening at the end of the probationary period.

-      He/She who passes this screening will be treated as according to the regulation of the KBS Symphony Orchestra.


6.    Other details

-      We will not choose any candidate from non qualified candidates.

-      Even for chosen candidates, his/her acceptance will be canceled if he/she can not pass the health screening for employment or if any ineligibility reason is found.

-      Submitted documents and videos will not be returned to applicants.

-      Music scores will be forwarded by e-mail ONLY at applicant¡?s request.

-      All notices will be delivered by SNS or E-mail. So applicants must make sure they write their correct information in the application.


7.    For further inquiries, please contact KBS Symphony Orchestra office through e-mail at